15-18 September 2024, Toruń

Conference venue

Torun Carbon Symposium will take place at The Academic Center for Culture and Art "Od Nowa” (address: ul. Gagarina 37a, 87-100 Toruń. ). The Academic Center for Culture and Art "Od Nowa" is one of the most dynamic cultural centers in Poland. On average, 25 events are organized monthly - festivals, concerts, film screenings, discussion meetings, conferences and exhibitions. In total, nearly 200 artistic events take place here during the season. The guests of "Od Nowy" were outstanding world-famous artists - musicians, painters, theater and film people (including Oscar winners), scientists, politicians and even Olympians.

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photo Mateusz Gdynia, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=55046930

The club building includes, among others: a cinema and entertainment hall with over 300 seats and a spacious foyer where the Dworzec Zachodni Gallery was established. The club is very well equipped with digital and multimedia equipment enabling the organization of scientific conferences.

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City history

Toruń stands out as one of the most picturesque cities in northern Poland. Throughout its history, it has played pivotal roles as a bustling trade hub, a center for culture and education, and a seat of government. Today, it proudly hosts various international cultural events such as PROBALTICA and Contact, firmly establishing itself as a dynamic developing culture city. Moreover, Toruń is renowned for its status as a university town, with Nicolaus Copernicus University being a cornerstone institution since 1945, drawing in around 10% of the city's population. Alongside this esteemed university, Toruń is home to other academic institutions like the School of Banking and Theological Seminary. One of Toruń's most notable features is its rich array of historical monuments, which are both nationally and internationally acclaimed. The grand churches, the iconic Old Town Hall, and notably, the Leaning Tower, all contribute to the city's allure as a major tourist destination. In 1997, Toruń's Old Town was recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site, further cementing its significance. The city also offers a stunning panorama of its old town from the banks of the Vistula River, which becomes particularly enchanting at night when illuminated monuments and city walls create an unforgettable spectacle. Notably, Toruń proudly celebrates its association with Nicolaus Copernicus, showcasing his birth house and hosting a museum dedicated to the renowned astronomer.

photo Maria Leżańska

How to reach Torun

There are three airports located near Torun: Warsaw, Gdansk (and then about 3 hours trip by train to Torun) and Bydgoszcz (less than 2 hours, please check: https://plb.pl/en/access/ ).

When looking for the train to Torun (more precisely: Torun Glowny), use website: https://rozklad-pkp.pl/en ; depending on your flight, you'll be looking for trains from: Warsaw Airport, Gdańsk Port Lotniczy or Bydgoszcz Glowna.

Transport in Torun

How to get to Od Nowa from the railway station...

  • from PKP Toruń Główny
    Bus lines: line 11 (direction: Koniuchy). We get off at the Od Nowa stop.
  • from PKP Toruń East
    Bus lines: line 34, 26 (direction: Uniwersytet) or 40 (direction: Port Drzewny). We get off at the Od Nowa stop.
    Tram lines: line 4 (direction: Uniwersytet). We get off at the Od Nowa stop.
  • from PKP Toruń City
    Tram lines: line 1 (direction: Uniwersytet). We get off at the Od Nowa stop.

More connections on the website https://mzk-torun.pl

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photo Piotr Gauden